Kindle 3 New Features for The 3rd Generation Kindle

The announcement for the Kindle 3 is now official, and there is no doubt about the new eReader to accumulate thousands. It is the excitement for the Kindle 3 is that deserved or the same old device to a new case of graphite? Look at what the Kindle 3 brings to the table and that Amazon has decided to leave out. However, before doing so, we need to put some emphasis on the eReader market and that Amazon is trying to achieve with the Kindle.

Yes Amazon - it's a jungle out there

It's no surprise that Amazon faces a very different world compared to when the first output of Kindle. Competition for the eReader market is crowded, so at the end of the budget and upscale. In addition, there was much talk of "kindle-killers" who seek to dethrone the king Kindle as the number eReader. The Kobo eReader was launched earlier this year with a price well below that of the Kindle to $ 149, and it will be new to everyone that Apple launched its attack on the eReader market with rich media iPad.

In addition to a difficult market, Amazon is facing a strange situation where the demands of implied consumer contradict the explicit requirements. First, the unspoken implicit requirements say Amazon readers want device that does not detract from the reading experience easy to use. Something "in book form." Very Moreover, the explicit requirements demand a new state-of-the-art device with multimedia features, with the technology of the touch screen, video display, etc ...

As Amazon has responded to these challenges? The Kindle 3 has retained its simple interface and is still very "book-like". Second, Amazon countered budget eReaders entering the market with the launch of two versions of the Kindle 3. This is a 3G Kindle with Wi-Fi ( $ 189) and a Kindle with WiFi ($ 139). the device Kindle 3G Wi-Fi maintains the previous price of the Kindle 2, while adding many new features. Kindle Wi-Fi weakens the vast majority of other eReaders on the market, providing a mature product, which is supported Amazon bookstore with millions of titles to choose from.

Given the situation in which Amazon is, look at what has given the Kindle 3 and they decided to leave out.

Kindle 3 - what to wear.

Amazon focused on improving the basic functionality of the Kindle, leaving the Kindle do what he does best: playing.

Amazon has improved the readability of the device, which by all standards was very good. They claim 50% better contrast than any other eReader, readability in bright sunlight, and some new sources improved reading your books.

The physical device itself has also been improved. Kindle size is reduced while maintaining the same dimensions for the reading area. The ability for Kindle 3 is now 3,500 pounds, which can be downloaded in less than 60 seconds.

Wi-Fi is added to 3G as a way to connect with your Kindle so you can browse the Amazon bookstore and network with the new web-kit browser based.

Kindle 3 - what they left on

After the release of the iPad Apple's expectations for the Kindle, they were too high. In a nutshell that people wanted an iPad Amazon. Now that time has passed, the iPad is a little less attractive as a device for reading books. Many people have predicted color screens for the Kindle 3. A non-color device next to a color device that looks a little dull in comparison. One possibility is that the eInk technology could be dramatically improved to incorporate colors for display, but Amazon and there are R & D teams are not there yet. Another alternative is to use LCD technology found on the iPad, but you increase eye strain over long periods of reading and the inability to read in direct sunlight.

Technology of the touch screen is another rumor circulating for the Kindle 3. It seems logical that readers can flip through the pages of an eBook through the screen of your device. Earlier this year, Amazon has a Touchco from New York who specializes in ... yes, you guessed it ... technology of the touch screen. Amazon was 100% sure to focus on the key features of the Kindle. The eReader market is more a side-show; It is a central strategy of Amazon volumes parts and sales. Sales of electronic books in hardcover sales, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, recently predicted that e-book sales will exceed tp in the next 12 months. One possible example of an innovation can be to develop social networking features for Kindle. The Kindle has built-in networking with Facebook and Twitter, however, there is much more space within the social network for people who are passionate about the authors or the areas and who want to share their thoughts on what they read.

Kindle 4

The Kindle 3 has improved successfully in a mature product in response to the increase in difficult market conditions and increased consumer demand. While the Kindle 3 does not exceed expectations, however, it offers an improved reading experience that will not disappoint. Jeff Bezos recently said that the Kindle is for the long term and he expects there will be dozens of other future generations of Kindle. Hopefully the Kindle 4 will do a bit more than the Kindle 3.

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