Kindle 3 Review Latest Kindle Reader to Capture The E-Book Reader Market

Finally, the Kindle 3 is officially released July 28, 2010 for sorting. With the Kindle 3 is the latest Kindle is outbeat its competitors, including iPad, E-Reader and the Nook in terms of the price offered and resources. Kindle 3 reviews will be shared here to compare their fantastic improvements in the second generation Kindle 2.

Kindle 3 Dimensions and weight

Kindle 3 is actually 21% smaller and 17% lighter than the old model family Kindle 2. Screen size 6 remains as it is, even with this smaller size. This has much greater portability Kindle and blur against all competitors in similar categories. With only 8.7 ounces of weight, Kindle 3 can be read comfortably with just one hand, because it is still lighter than a normal book and thinner a magazine.

Kindle 3 Battery

Old battery life Kindle 2 is about 14 days without a wireless connection.

Kindle screen 3 of the display and the size

This third generation 6 "Kindle reader has the same contrast enhancement over 50% than any other e-reader for the best playback experience. Kindle 3 can be read with his latest, high-contrast E-ink for text and images more net. therewith display function, the reading experience can be almost the same as reading the printed book. Its screen is also sharper and more natural with no glare or backlight.

Kindle 3 sources

In addition to having a better display quality, source of proprietary technology also improved to make pages turn faster with even sharper sources. Kindle 3 also comes with two options for other sources Cecilia condensate and Sans Serif.

Kindle 3 storage connectivity and wireless price

Kindle 3 now has more than 4 GB of internal flash memory to store about 3,500 books. This is more than double the storage capacity of the Kindle 2. Like the Kindle 2, which eliminated the storage of the external memory card. For Kindle 3 with 3G and Wi-Fi option price to $ 189, the fastest 3G connectivity eliminates the need for large internal buffer. It can now also benefit from their neighbors Wi-Fi hotspots 3G download speed for materials and faster download without telco coverage. For Kindle 3 WiFi only option, it costs $ 139 and 0.2 ounces lighter to meet the needs of budget conscious readers of books.

Other Kindle 3 Features

Kindle 3 has similar social features to support integration with Facebook and Twitter.

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