Kombucha Tea Can Improve Your Health?

A friend of mine had a problem with digestion and tried many supplements to help, including a formula herbal which herbs from the Amazon rainforest. Nothing had helped. Then he tried kombucha tea and completely cured the problem. This tea is usually made with green tea or black tea, so it has all the benefits of tea. Also heard of people doing this with tea yerba mate. If you make your own, using a scoby that resembles a pancake. Scoby stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. The sugar is added and the product and yeast consumes the sugar alcohol. Bacteria consume alcohol and produce many beneficial substances, including various acids.

Malic acid helps the detoxification process of the body. Lactic acid helps in digestion. A
cetic acid controls the growth of harmful bacteria. It is what gives vinegar its strong taste. The acid gluconic the fight against the growth of yeasts such as Candida. Candida exists naturally in the colon, but it may grow faster than expected (candidiasis) create many strange symptoms. It can seriously affect the brain.

Kombucha also contains butyric acid which helps gluconic to fight against harmful yeasts like Candida.

Kombucha has a lot of glucosamine to help prevent joint degeneration and preserve the structure of cartilage. Many people have a kind of joint pain and kombucha may help. Many people say that he get rid of joint pain. Pharmaceutical companies are researching something they have patented so they can recoup the cost of the study and more. But the food can not be patented, so why would anyone want to do a study showing that dried plums can help constipation or aloe can help with burns when someone can sell them?

There has never been a study that shows that food will help people who are hungry. There have also been reports of many falsely reported some studies done by Harvard researchers.

ame names. "A notice published in the Federal Register Thursday, said Helen Freeman, who left Harvard and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in 2009, a distorted experience in a specific strain of genetically modified mice." Harvard has an article called How many scientists fabricate and falsify Research.

Some of the key benefits of kombucha reported by helping people understand the immune system, detoxify the body, better vision, renewed energy and increase metabolism to help you lose weight. Probiotics (good or beneficial bacteria to the colon) in this tea or a drink are more powerful than other probiotic foods. This helps your colon work better help the many colon problems, like constipation.

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