Kongregate Savvy Twist in The Casual Game Portals

Casual games are a big part of the games on the internet today. One of the newest and most popular game portals puts a new twist on existing game portals with their excellent use of competition and collaboration incentives built into their portal.

Achievements and Challenges

Through the use of achievements or "badges" players are encouraged to complete challenges based on games available on the site. Also for return visitors interest, Kongregate holds weekly challenges where prizes, points and raffle entries can be won. In addition to the achievement badges you can win, you can also collect game cards which can be used in their built in game called Kongai. As with most normal games portals, it is also a leader board of directors where the highest scores are displayed.

Game Categories

The categories of popular games featured on Kongregate are range from traditional Tower Defense games, FPS, RPG for a wide variety of online puzzle games.
Chat, Community, Competition

While offering some of the most popular online web games free, Kongregate also puts every player in a chat room with other people from around the world playing the same game regardless of what is a solo game or multiplayer. First, it expands the player experience largely unique in the sense of a community, hence the name Kongregate. Secondly, it functions as an informal help desk for any players suffering any kind of game or technical issues. Wisely, they also display high scores in the chat room to build a sense of competition which is another important driving force in a game.

Build a developer base

he independent game developers are encouraged to submit their games to Kongregate which can be entered in a competition where the best games voted earn cash prizes. First prize for winning the monthly challenges could win a developer 1500 dollars. Applaud Kongregate for encouraging independent developers small game in a way to be rewarded for your hard work. In addition, there is also a developer "Tip Jar" which people can actually donate money to the developers themselves.

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