Kumon Comment - What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Kumon Math?

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Kumon Math?

Many parents are concerned about the mathematics learning of their children, some because your child is lagging behind and some because they want your child's math skills to be stretched.

The Kumon Math program is a natural choice for many parents, it offers a program where students of all levels can progress at their own pace. Kumon reading this review to know the advantages and disadvantages of this popular math program.

The pros

1) It is over 50 years

The Kumon Math program is an established system that has improved the skills in math million children in the world.

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2) It is an individualized learning program

Students receive work according to their ability, not their age and their progress in the program is based on speed and accuracy to complete their work.

3) It develops independent learning skills

Students are encouraged to study the examples themselves to work on how to approach new jobs.

4) Great way to long-term results

Most students who remain in the Kumon Math program for at least two years have developed quick math skills, accurate and reliable due to the daily practice.

5) It is cheaper than a private tutor

The Kumon Math program is about half the price of a private tutor, in addition, all materials are given in monthly fees.

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1) It is more expensive than online math programs

The Kumon Math program is about 3 times the price of online math programs, many of which offer the same benefits of the Kumon. Very few are qualified teachers of mathematics.

2) The students find boring and repetitive work

In the program, the themes are repeated until the student has achieved mastery.

3) It does not cover all the mathematics program

The program focuses on arithmetic, algebra and manipulation of numbers, which is only a third of the mathematics program. Students will not practice geometry (much) or statistics in the Kumon program.

4) It uses its own methods to teach math concepts

In general, Kumon using traditional methods to teach arithmetic and number manipulation, while most schools have developed various methods to introduce modern mathematics subjects.

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With these advantages and disadvantages in mind, talk to your local instructor, read other Kumon comments and talk to other parents to see if the Kumon program is a good fit for your child.

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