Kumquats Choose An Interesting Plant to Put in Your New Garden

When planting a garden at home, there is no reason you have to keep only the basics. Growing your own product gives you an excellent opportunity to discover, harvest and cook with a variety of fruits and vegetables interesting and exotic. Here are three tips for selecting interesting plant to plant in your home garden:

(1) Determine whether you need seeds or plants.

Some types of plants will not do well in your garden, if you start from seed. As kumquat, for example. Kumquats, which are small fruits that resemble a mini-orange, do not do well when planted from seeds, like trees do not survive long on their own roots. Kumquats grow on trees that resemble bushes in appearance, and for most fruit like this, you will be better to buy a change of your local nursery for planting seeds in your garden or in a container. When selecting plants at a nursery, examine the plants carefully to make sure they were well cared for. All plants must be clearly marked or labeled. If you buy seeds, always buy from a reputable source. Do not buy cheap seeds from your garden store or at the local store. Try to avoid the seeds that were produced by Monsanto for seeds that are produced by small businesses, family and GMO free.

(2) Respect your region.

Kumquats are not citrus, contrary to popular belief, and may actually grow well in climates that are cooler than necessary for citrus trees. Although fruit trees are grown in warmer regions tend to become increasingly sweet taste. For this reason, the United States, kumquat are usually grown in warmer areas like Louisiana, California and Florida. But if you can not push kumquats, there are many other interesting plants to choose from. If you live in a warm climate, such as South Florida, you can enjoy a tropical pumpkin culture, called Calabaza. If you live in the northeast region cool, you can try to plant African eggplant, which is called Jilo.

(3) Choose seeds and traditional plants.

When it comes to finding fruits and vegetables that grow well in your garden unusual, inheritances are definitely your best bet. When planning your garden, look for colors and shapes of your favorite unusual vegetables such as carrots in shades of yellow and purple, and white Wonder cucumber, a ghostly version of green favorite. Heirloom tomato varieties are available in a variety of beautiful colors, like purple, green, white, orange and yellow. Legacy of sweet watermelon yellow mountain meat is golden brown.

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