Kung Fu in "Kung Fu Panda"

In "Kung Fu Panda" Panda Po seems to have humor that Jackie Chan gets, and there is a scene that he learned some Shi Fu skills, his Kung Fu moves in this section are similar to Jackie Chan moves made in his film "shadow of the eagle." from there, we can see that the directors have prepared much in the way and the actions of Kung Fu, and they should have studied a large number of movements and actions to your reference Chinese stars.

Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and other Chinese stars, everyone knows the Chinese Kung Fu, however, many people do not know that these stars and their awesome moves on the screen.

In addition to actions of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and other stars, the film designed characters of different types, such as the five masters: Monkey, Viper, Crane, Tigress, Mantis are the names of Chinese Kung Fu forms. From this perspective, we can see that the understanding of foreign stars have changed in different forms of movement that shows they know deeper than before.

Compared to the Chinese martial art ethics, external gripping capacity to pay particular attention to skills rather than the moral self-cultivation. What fighting skills? C
ombat skills is a technique of ancient combat. Although combat skills can help build the body and resist the robbers, however, the goal of fighting skills is to attack the other to the quick death, deadly and effective. Power may be the most important factor of combat skill. So we can see the skills of external claws focus on the masterful skills, while the Chinese Kung Fu majors in self moral culture.

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