Kung Fu Panda An Emotional Eater

If you have struggled with diet after diet, or had a hard time losing weight, and emotional eating can be the thing that stops you. Comfort or isolates us somehow. The fat may actually become a protective coating. It can protect us against our fears, people and feelings. To see Kung Fu Panda (with my eight year old son) and found that it's really a story about emotional eating.

Kung Fu Panda is an overweight panda who was chosen to be the new Kung Fu master and fight against the villain. He does not believe that either the task, but keep in mind that Kung Fu was secretly in love with this Panda for ages.

One night the master of Kung Fu Panda found in the tree of wisdom (he does not realize that it is the tree of knowledge, it is just on the lookout for food) filled with tree fisheries. His wise Master said: "I know you are eating because you are angry."

Panda reveals how he feels inadequate. What secret passions do you have? How to keep the food to continue?

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