Kung Fu Panda Series Provide A Simple Way to Live A Meaningful Life

The simplest and most effective way to let people know how to live a simple, happy life we ​​are shown by Panda Po is "The Dragon Warrior." The Kung Fu Panda series was a huge successful company to bring a very important message for society in general and, while trade reached a status for family entertainment, comedy, action and spirituality.

Designing a picturizing a big fat panda as the Dragon Warrior is more like a dream that can actually happen in reality. The audience is introduced in a big fat lazy panda who is always interested in food and is a die-hard fan of Kung Fu. Furious Five Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Viper and Crane who are trained by the Red Panda Master Shifu seeking to become the Dragon Warrior Grand Master Oogway, an old tortoise and Shifu's mentor to identify. T
he adoptive father of Po's goose that has a noodle restaurant and a basket of noodles to be delivered to the Kung Fu tournament. To surprise the public, confusion and consternation Po five furious, Oogway proclaims Po as the Dragon Warrior.

Meanwhile Oogway extracts a promise from Shifu to believe in Po and disappears in a cloud of peach blossoms. Shifu discovers that Po is able to perform impressive feats when motivated by food and successfully train in an efficient style Kung Fu. Understanding the parchment white dragon for the view as special; Po becomes a formidable challenge for Tai Lung Tai Lung and finally defeat in combat before using the finger mysterious Wuxi should end once and for all.

Po can live in peace goes along with the Furious Five, Shifu that Po wants to achieve inner peace.

The flashback reveals that his parents gave their lives to save the Shen Army. Po reached inner peace, realizing that he lived a happy and fulfilling life before the tragedy. Once it has reached inner peace, all attacks Shen army and utter fireworks you are looking for are returned by Po like a fireball. Shifu tilts in all these years of Kung Fu training, he could not achieve inner peace and Po had managed to overcome the obstacles of revenge and inner peace achieved.

Po gave the message that everyone can achieve inner peace if he really wants your heart, forgive the mistakes of others and take life positively, as there is no tomorrow.

Po the Dragon Warrior himself has agreed to be just for namesake. Shifu gives fire to his wings, calling Po to become the teacher. The villain in this part is much stronger and is a giant buffalo "Kai", the brother of Master Oogway Oogway Grand and acquired all the powers and captured by small shells. Entry Po real father brings old memories back and Shifu reveals that the ancient panda town had a magical secret power that only the Dragon Warrior can get. Po will return with his father in the land of pandas for the first time, knows he must learn so much to become a panda. Po shows us that we are all unique. No one can become Po. This is the secret that has Po and becomes the perfect teacher for all panda village. Each panda has its own style and talent, Po brings to identify their powers. A panda hug, panda rolling, the baby panda juggling, eating and throwing food ... all have their own powers.

ttacks "Kai" pandas Po and can overcome obstacles and seized the famous hold your finger. When everything is about to be completed, pandas together the power of his talent and its power is given to Po.

The Dragon Warrior knows that Kai is a spirit and only a mortal can take your power. Kai Po follows the world of spirituality, where all spirits are released and Oogway hands on the title of his successor Po.

Dragon Warrior Po teaches that simplicity is the greatest strength. Po gives the message that everyone can achieve inner peace and calm to forgive the wrongs done by others.

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