La Quinta California "Old Town La Quinta" is a Great Place to Dine and Shop

La Quinta, California, is one of the most popular attractions in the Palm Springs area. Full of great shops and even a diversified range of services, which is the usual shopping destination. There are many places to dine and lots of places to enjoy some retail therapy, so be sure to bring an appetite to eat and shop!


There are many places to spend the dollar from Old Town La Quinta. You can visit the stores that sell housewares, high end property companies, major art galleries, coffee shops and more. La Fonda Avenue runs south of Old Town La Quinta and Calle Tampico to the north, making it easy to find.


Old Town La Quinta many events throughout the year. In the middle of the old town you will find the Lawn event. If you are looking for a great way to spend an evening, eat something and then take in a concert at the Old Town La Quinta is a lot of fun. Old Town is also directed to the free movie night. The films are available outside, so you can sit under the beautiful night sky in a blanket and take a selection of great movies. Old Town La Quinta also has a local farmer's market. The farmers market offers a selection of local dishes, including fruit and vegetables, cheese, flowers, honey and nuts. There is even the gourmet bread supplied by a local bakery.


Old Town contains some practical services in addition to its many different shops. You can get your repaired watch, get a facial at a local beauty salon and even take care of your investment needs in financial services consultant in Old Town La Quinta. He is an attorney located in the old city and there are even doctors. While many cities have a kind of old commercial area of ​​the city, many of them boast many convenient services mixed with fun and relaxation retail options.

Pay a visit to the Old Town La Quinta

Old Town La Quinta is a great place to take the family. The car park, it is very easy to get around and discover that there is something really wonderful to be able to get out of your car and walk to shop over the shopping experience you will have in most cities. If you are in the area, Old Town La Quinta is definitely a place you must visit.

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