La Quinta Resort & Club is Always a Celebrity Hideaway

Named as "original hiding place," La Quinta Resort & Club was a celebrity retreat since 1920. It was then that some of the first "stars" of Hollywood galaxy has started moving away from the bustling city and the beautiful hills of southern California.

La Quinta in California was "discovered" by a businessman named Walter H. Morgan, who found the property on which the La Quinta Resort & Club was built (all 1400 acres of it!) And began work designing a structure that has worked with the beautiful landscape. He named his estate La Quinta after the nickname given to the region in 1700, then was inviting the likes of Greta Garbo, Clark Gable and Frank Capra to stay in your home.

The story continues

The old adage "the more things change, the more they stay the same," really applies to La Quinta Resort & Club. Because the property was originally chosen by the Hollywood elite for its quality amenities and is ideal, there is still much to go to the site specifically because it is so useful. In addition to luxury suites and accommodation (ranging from rooms all private homes) that the rich and famous can use, there are a variety of restaurants, golf, shopping and fitness facilities. Just consider that there are 41 pools and 53 hot spas in La Quinta Resort alone.

World Class Pampering

Sure, most celebrities seem to enjoy their pampering and special treatment, and the price winning spa La Quinta is likely to be a major attraction for them too. He was selected as one of "10 Wellness Retreat most exotic of the world" by CNN Travel and received three awards in the category of "Spafinders Readers Choice Awards" as well.

Those visiting the spa can enjoy all of Hydra-facial for personal style guided, and there are even spa services for animals celebrities too!

Dinner is also part of pampering at La Quinta Resort & Club and guests can enjoy seven different gastronomic establishments on the property as well.

The "Up Side"

So you can see why even celebrities pouring in this resort, but it should also be noted that all quality of services and options listed here are not limited to those Oscars at home. They are for all visitors to the region, and that is why it is a property that attracts an audience much wider than the biggest celebrities today.

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