Everything About La Quinta

Everything About La Quinta You Should Know

If you've heard of California, then you will not be separated from the word La Quinta, a tourist town near the Coachella Valley and are between Indio and well. The city is also named as the best golf destinations in the United States. Director Frank Capra wrote a screenplay for his film "Lost Horizon" in one of the famous resorts of the city, La Quinta Resort.


La Quinta was founded by the Spaniards, led by Captain Juan Bautista de Anza in the 18th century, the word "Quinta" is derived from the Mexican word meaning "five", this word is known in Mexico as a sort of Hacienda.

Modern developments

In the early 20th century, the modern techniques of irrigation and agriculture began to be developed in La Quinta. In 1990, the city's growth will soon 4200-11125 inhabitants.


La Quinta has a healthy tourism industry, especially when winter comes. Golf is the most important industry in this city with more than 20 top golf courses in the world. Many international golf tournament held in cities such as PGA West, The Grand Slam of golf and many more. The city is also getting a huge income from shopping centers and retailers. The tourism industry is very promising and is why the Hotel, private house and restaurant is growing rapidly throughout the year.

Industrial services

Much work and linked to a hotel construction project, landscaping is growing, in order to drive the evolution of the city. luxury hotels, restaurants, shops are scattered throughout the city and to the service as a business that is profitable and promising.

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