Lamborghini Short History

Lamborghini: an elegant model of a car that causes a great desire of many people who do not have or can not afford to have one. Interestingly, Lamborghini has a long history behind it that even include racing cars, or cars for that matter. The Lamborghini was a time to get brilliant and creative mind of Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Ferruccio Lamborghini was born in 1916 in Italy. Basically, if he could not fix it, then it can not be fixed. When the war ended, he returned to his home in northern Italy and decided their own business; repair and repair of cars and motorcycles. However, since he lived in an agricultural region, he quickly realized there was a great need for someone who could fix tractors and thus began his adventure in the repair tractor.

At that time, he also developed a love for cars race and had owned and conducted several performances of the top car, including Ferrari. The first Lamborghini car was a masterpiece and was a V12 with 4 cams. He got the help and experience of excellent designers, even those who had worked in a Ferrari, to develop your first car. The Lamborghini was a success and production began shortly thereafter.

After many shows and races, the popularity of Lamborghini only intensified and now there were many more investors and other companies seeking to enter the production and profits. Over the past decades, Lamborghini was purchased and supported by many different companies, including Audi and Volkswagen and even the American company Chrysler. After Chrysler, Lamborghini was to be sold again and this time was the Audi. For Lamborghini, it was a great blessing that the company was in trouble. Although the company and Audi had earlier bought or Lamborghini, they all managed to keep the Lamborghini name it. August 1998, Audi became the sole owner of the Lamborghini and stayed with the cultural norms of the society had been used to. With self impressive collaborative Audi of four exceptional automakers - hence the symbol of the four rings for the Audi designating the four companies - they had an abundance of energy, financing, name recognition and respectability keep Lamborghini is still one of the most popular vehicles in the world.

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