Lamborghini Vs Ferrari?

Many exotic car fans are very stubborn about your exotic dream car. The top of the list usually includes either Lamborghini or Ferrari. Let's take a look at the depth of the history of each of these exotic supercar manufacturers.

The Company has more experience?

Ferrari is the oldest of the two manufacturers. Ferrari was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929, while Lamborghini Ferruccio Lamborghini founded in 1963. Ferrari has a long history in racing, especially in Formula One.

Ferruccio Lamborghini was the owner of a large tractor manufacturing business success and was an avid very passionate about sports cars. Many people speculate why Lamborghini chose to enter the market of exotic sports cars. The most popular version includes Ferruccio Lamborghini visiting Enzo Ferrari to complain about a clutch on his Ferrari GT 250. Rumored Enzo sent him and Ferruccio Lamborghini took it upon himself to improve the clutch design. From that moment, Lamborghini decided to make their own cars.

Available models

Ferrari usually offers more models that exotic cars for sale in a given year. Ferrari sometimes simultaneously produces four to five different models, while Lamborghini is 1 or 2. This strategy has enabled Lamborghini to focus your energy on the constant production of more than Ferrari car. This is evidenced by the power and speed of the maximum requirements of each manufacturer designs.

Impressive designs

Lamborghini also tends to have more artistic touch to your body designs. Ferrari tends to follow the more traditional architecture.

Financial stability

Ferrari was more financially stable as a business, but the Lamborghini brand is well known and many manufacturers such as Chrysler and Audi, bought the company to keep it afloat while associate your brand with the same name. This fund enables them to maintain an extremely loyal following. Formula One fans also swear allegiance to the brand. Lamborghini was created specifically to be superior to Ferrari car and they continually overcome and off-design on a regular basis.

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