Land Rover Discovery Reviews

Almost sexagenarian, the mark Land Rover produced its model 4000000, Discovery 3. The latter was given to Born Free Foundation, a foundation dedicated to the maintenance of wildlife and protection. This vehicle will be useful for rapid intervention in destinations moved back or difficult to access.

If the first Land Rover was introduced in 1948 in Amsterdam, the adventure began 60 years ago on a Welsh beach where Maurice Wilks and his brother Spencer Wilks drew the Rover Land, noting that their Jeep missed a little versatility. Eleven years later, Land Rover produced 250,000 cars, to go to the half a million in 1966. But the customers Land Rover regretted not able to use it more often. The response has been effective with the emergence in 1970 of cross-country luxury Range Rover. A comfortable vehicle on road and off road.

Under the leadership of Ford Land Rover production was increased to unprecedented levels. The Land Rover's history is linked to its equivalent Jeep. He was using a Jeep on his farm in Wales in 1947, the technical director Maurice Wilks Rover and his brother Spencer realized there was a gap in the market for a British version. They described the famous outline in the sand on a beach and the Land Rover was born

The model was crossed million in 1976. However, the range does not change. Sold in 2000 with the Ford group, the British brand retains its aura. Since then, the challenge reappears in 2003 under pennies the form of Land Rover G4 Challenge.

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