Land Rover LR3, Duly Rewarded

"If the trailer, climbing, family carrying or simply taking the sting out of the daily commute, new Land Rover LR3 never fails to impress us. Johns is the Auto Express editor, just send a new price range for different vehicles in different categories. And the Land Rover LR3 has won the Auto Express New Car Honour. This award was presented to the Land Rover LR3 4x4 Off Roader category. And just like the Johns said, the Land Rover LR3 has won the award for the second consecutive year.

The total size luxury crossover utility vehicle Audi Q7 and Volvo XC90 midsize SUV luxury crossover vehicles were Land Rover LR3 has had to compete with. Auto Express editors really do hard judgment when selecting the winner for this award.

Andy Gawthorpe, Managing Director for the Middle East markets and Northern Africa Land Rover, can not help but exclaim his excitement about the event. Since 1989, the Land Rover LR3 was in production. It was proposed as an estate car and as a van. Considered the TDi engines 200 2.5 liter, 3.5 liter Rover V8, a 2.5-liter TDI 300 3.9 liter Rover V8, the 2.5l TD5 2.7 liter TD V6 and V8 4.4 liter Jaguar AJ. It is equipped with parts of quality Land Rover fuel system and high-tech equipment to help the most efficient vehicle and overcome their limitations. All its features and equipment make the Land Rover LR3 to become an agile vehicle that could take many forms on the road and off the field from the road.

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