League Of Legends? DOTA Worthy Successor?

League Of Legends Had The Idea Of ​​DOTA

For those of you who are familiar with the real-time strategy game, DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) You may be happy to know there is a new game called League of Legends had the idea of ​​DOTA and completely remastered it. Talking about some of the new technologies that play League of Legends (LOL for short) has implemented. One of the original ideas they had, which essentially requires a completely new approach on its own is on the grass LOL. When you walk in the grass you are invisible to all enemy targets that are not on the grass. League of Legends is a stand along game created by RIOT .. For those who have played DOTA, it was unthinkable ... a new character in a year has been a pleasure for us veterans DOTA players.

Another new element in League of Legends is the Summoner system. The way this system works is that you are a summoner, and you can call different champions fight for you every game. As you play more games and win more games their levels of Summoner and you can increase your stats and buy runes. The best part of League of Legends, is that it is free and more or less. The way it works is that you can grind a ton of points to buy new champions, or you can pay for items and buy them immediately.

Especially if you are a veteran player DOTA!

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