LEGO and Creative Children

LEGO Is A Fantastic Way To Be Creative Children

Discovered the joy of LEGO. It is a pity, because Lego is not just for boys or even children for that matter. It is a fantastic way to be creative, stretch your imagination and build really cool things.
LEGO can be a family activity, social activity or individual activity.

LEGO book

LEGO is a great investment of toys because it is reusable, unlike a lot of things that are constructed or used once and then abandoned on a shelf, never played with again. What you build is only limited by your imagination. LEGO is an activity that everyone in the family can participate. Older children and young children can experiment and build your skill level. LEGO is very cooperative, it is always more fun to play together and build bigger things together.
Adults can engage young builders asking them questions such as "What kind of tools or machines that need space / under the sea / on a desert island / in a futuristic city / etc" and see what their children learn, you will probably be surprised by your imagination and creativity. You can ask your kids to come to an invention that would solve a problem and build in LEGO. The incentive is the key, the praise creation efforts of his son, because they create "LEGO Masterpieces" Not only do you get to build new toys you can play with them too!
Get on the floor and play with your children Lego is a great way to develop your own creativity as well. What can you create with LEGO is only limited by your imagination.
You can also practice simple mathematical concepts like subtraction of addition, multiplication and division using LEGO blocks as a visual learning tool / touch.

LEGO can be confusing

Many parents avoid LEGO because of the risk of confusion. The only thing that is fun and interactive LEGO, these small pieces, can also lead to a lot of waste. There are a couple of things you can do to contain the LEGO.
If you have the space, section off a floor area or REC of your child's room and let the LEGO be right. It contains the LEGO, keeping it, encouraging the use and the set of self-directed.
Otherwise, LEGO clean after each use. Configure the meter for 1-5 minutes depending on the size of the disorder to be cleaned. Select a LEGO piece to be put aside. Tell the children they are in a "Tidy Up Treasure Hunt" and they have x number of minutes to clean. One element is a hidden treasure and cleans this particular piece is the winner. Advertising of the game and the winner at the end of time. You can offer a small prize if you wish, but the emotion and gratitude for the winner and praise for all those who played and tidy is usually sufficient.

LEGO can be expensive

New LEGO can be very expensive, though, insofar as toys go I think it is a good investment. One of the great things about LEGO is that never goes out of fashion, there are no parts to break (LEGO may break, but the pieces are almost always replaceable), no batteries to buy. You can also put the word among the other parents in your life or the school you are looking to buy a LEGO age. If you are looking for complete sets, you can often find fairly cheap LEGO second hand. Thrift stores and garage sales are also good places to look for used LEGO.
Finally, do not feel you have to buy your LEGO. LEGO is a great product for your children to save their own money to buy; help them choose a set to save and develop a way to track your progress. Hope this post has given you some ideas on how to use LEGO in a creative family. How your family uses LEGO? Meanwhile, building something.

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