Lego Party Ideas For The Birthday Party Of A Child

Lego Have Lots Of Fun With These Lego Party Ideas For The Birthday Party Of A Child

Lego party ideas ... the child does not like playing with Lego toys? You can find many sources of pleasure when Legos is the theme of the party. Many kids party games and even some simple ways to decorate special Lego birthday cake.

When planning a child's birthday idea, why not go for a theme. It is a great toy for building all kinds of things, houses for models of cars or trains.

There are lots of Lego party ideas to choose from. Lego covers so many different topics, you might find yourself having a party with characters from Star Wars Lego Star Wars, which is a very popular topic Lego. Or go with a theme SpongeBob Lego, Lego theme of a fire truck or a police party or a beach party, if you have chosen the theme Lego City Coast Guard. Lego party whatever idea you have chosen, send invitations to your guests leaving parts LEGOVille the theme. Themed invitations are one of the many items you can choose LEGOVille party supplies.

How Lego is something so colorful, you can ask guests to dress in different colors, like a fantasy. When they arrive offer to paint your face. Kids love having their faces painted and they do not care that you are not Picasso. You can continue the color theme with a cake and sandwiches. Use colored icing strips help make the cake look like Lego pieces. You can use different colored layers of frozen deserts and food coloring will transform the simplest sandwich.

Lego party game ideas can be adapted to any of the topics you've chosen. For example, if you go to Star Wars, you can play a policeman and thief variation with one side and the dark side and the other team Yoda. If you went through a face paint themed ie color etc, you can use ball games. If you want to have some relatively quiet time to calm the children down, you could draw funny play on the ball. Children spend around balloons and each person has to draw something for the face. That seems the ball is out and the last surviving son wins. You obviously need a ready supply of balloons.

Use Lego favor of party supplies to make the contents of party bags. You can buy individual packages of Lego that have enough bricks to build a small article. Bubbles, crayons, coloring pages, temporary tattoos and stickers are always great to add to the Lego party bags. Lego have lots of fun with these Lego party ideas.

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