Lego Star Wars Episode 4-6 Sets

Lego Star Wars The Most Popular Lego Group

The Lego group has so far released a collection of Lego Star Wars sets for each of the Star Wars films. Lego games have done a very good job of Star Wars, which makes vehicles and characters to life like the scenes which they belong. Lego makes its extremely popular toy building block and uses them to bring our favorite movie, Star Wars. This set of Lego are appreciated by the followers of films Star Wars and Lego recreation fans and made Lego Star Wars the most popular Lego group.

Star Wars: A New Hope Lego Sets

The first and original film is called Star Wars: A New Hope, but when a child who was released as Star Wars. This film may be the best and is the basis of what most of LEGO Star Wars games begin. New Hope has many sets manufactured by Lego. The Lego most important fact is the Millennium Falcon based on the film.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Lego Sets

The Empire Strikes Back is the fourth film in the Star Wars movies online, however, is actually the second film that was made by Lucasfilm. Although there are many Lego games based on this episode, fav was Bob Fetts Slave 1, the original is rare, including minifigure. Lego range of The Empire Strikes Back has some other good games - expensive and hard to find Cloud City and Nice Tie Bomber.

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Lego Sets

Return of the Jedi is the latest chapter in the series of Star Wars films, but it was only the third film produced by Lucasfilm. This classic film is the last film in the series. Lego has a great range of games based on this episode with some great sets and rare figurines. Any collector would like all or part of ensembles Jabba - Jabbas Award, and a Jabbas Palace Jabbas message.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Lego Sets

The last film made is called an animated The Clone Wars. Lego did a really good job of making these Clone Wars Lego sets. The sets of Lego Clone Wars minifigures have some great Plo Koon and Aayla like. This series has some great sets like Lego pirate vessel that is owned by Hondo.

Star Wars: The Lego Universe game Expanded

There are only a couple of Lego sets the Expanded Universe series. These are robots TIE, including two Troopers shadow, shadow Snape, including Vader and Juno Eclipse, Imperial speeder bike, which includes a Stormtrooper.

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