LEGO Themed Birthday Party For Your LEGO Kids Party

Find The Best To LEGO Themed Birthday Party For Your LEGO Kids Party

Find the kids birthday party games to work with this great theme party is not as easy as finding LEGO ornaments and other LEGO themed spend your money. What is your LEGO party really needs good games that you can change to suit THEME- LEGO birthday party games to keep the kids busy and having fun. Returning from a dozen preschool children lose at a table full of LEGO not cut it- LEGO his party need more structure than if you are to maintain your sanity.
LEGO party ideas just Google "and you will find tons of decor and food ideas, so that it is not the subject of this information.

Here are several games appropriate preschool tweak that very well for a birthday party theme LEGO:

Price LEGO Door: Have a good full size Legos pot in your party entrance with small pieces of paper and pencils. Each guest of the party (over the birthday child) receives an estimate on the number of LEGOs are on the bottle and at the end of his party's best estimate begins to take home the bottle.
LEGO Ring Toss: Create a narrow tower LEGOs LEGO with a base that you can tape on the floor or carpet for stability. Create 3-5 rings, cutting plastic card center (more durable than paper plates). If using plates of different colors for the rings, the score for each may be different. If you choose to mark the game, this can be done individually or in teams.
LEGO Pitch: This is an alternative to the draw for the LEGO ring. Assemble a variety of different targets cupped milk boxes, bowls and boxes, all placed at different distances from a line of "return" on your carpet or floor. Place a number of metering points in front of each target (counting from the most distant points higher), and give each child 5 Lego different shapes and sizes. Keep score or individual teams.
LEGO Drop: from a standing or kneeling on a chair, children will drop 3 or 4 LEGOs your nose in a jar or bowl.
LEGO Spoon Race Relay - Part 1: Place a bowl or bucket filled with various LEGOs a distance of children, and has a line of "delay" on your floor or carpet. Divide the children into two teams, each with a spatula or large spoon spoon is easier because the sloping sides. Do both teams implements the same, ie. 'Go', one child at a racing team in the bucket handle as many LEGOs you can on your spoon or not spatula- and take hands-LEGOs to its original position where they offer a spoon or a wide spatula next member the team repeating the process until all the LEGOs were recovered. The winning team will have accumulated the highest number of LEGOs.
LEGO Spoon Race Relay - Part 2: Once everything counted and a winner declared in Part 1, each team has the task to build the highest tower with its accumulated LEGOs.
LEGO Bingo: Use this game when the level of excitability must be reduced a little. They have these bingo cards for pre-printed and ready download:
LEGO Scavenger Hunt: Have you hidden LEGOs before hand, inside or outside. Lift LEGO (for very old children to the LEGO Drop) or with a small pile of Legos for each child or a large communal bowl of Legos, every child has the task to get as many LEGOs within 1 minute, as they can with chopsticks.
LEGO building competition: Give each child or pair of children an equal number of various LEGOs and challenge your LEGO fans to build either a bridge or a pyramid within a period of 10 minutes (the bridge for older children the pyramid for younger). Working in pairs increases the challenge in the game.

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