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LEGO Universe is a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG), which was launched in October 2010 by Warner Brothers. Although the game is designed for players of 10 years and more, it also appeals to adults who are the players who grew up with LEGO. Players are able to play for free in two different worlds, though universal access to all resources requires a monthly subscription of $ 10 Players download the game on the LEGO Universe site and then access the game on secure servers. The game is available in English and German.

Since that time, the company expanded in books, games, amusement parks, robotics and video games. The LEGO attraction is its simplistic block projects the block in which children (and adults) can build anything they desire. The creation of LEGO Universe is not only an additional branch of LEGO - is a marketing tool for the LEGO brand further.

About Virtual World

In LEGO Universe, players assume the role of LEGO figurines in an old battle of good against evil in an alternate universe. Players collect battle gear on your trip to help them fight their enemies. Players also collect LEGO bricks along the way to build models in its personal property. Properties as home base, where the player is safe and is able to allow other players to access your property.

What is good

LEGO Universe is a game action oriented that will appeal mainly to Tween boys and older teens who are fascinated by the futuristic worlds and fantasy. The graphics and overall design of the game are top notch. Parents can rest assured that there are adult themes in the game. LEGO Universe offers an easy to navigate website for parents to find information about the game department, registration, online security and customer. Players can easily connect with other players in an online community, share game plans and become friends anonymously. The LEGO brand is strongly encouraged by the site and not through the game. Although the chips can not be accumulated to buy LEGO goods, players can easily browse all the online catalog to buy LEGO LEGO products.

Although players are only made of LEGO characters are crushed, broken and dying. Facial expressions of the most evil characters can be very dull and unsettling for younger players.

Parents may see an increase in LEGO product orders only because the LEGO brand is associated with the game. Young players can find the complicated terrain, but their familiarity with online games should relieve in history. Some questions may be too intense for younger players. Parents should look for the game with younger players and discuss these issues.

LEGO has done an excellent job of promoting online safety and provide tools parents share many concerns about safety or design problems with LEGO Universe. An online safety message LEGO is visible and clear in easy to understand language. Players and parents should be aware that the game is intended to be stopped at the end of January 2012. Although the game is based on popular LEGO blocks, the company is disappointed with the presence of online gambling and decided to LEGO universe close down. Players with existing subscriptions paid will receive a free month of game in January. Refunds for any unused credit will be refunded to the credit card on or after 1 February 2012.

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