Leicester Attractions

If you are looking to stay in a Leicester bed and breakfast, it's worth a little research to find out what to do in the area. Unlike a hotel, a guest house can serve as a practical basis, perfect for a place to sleep and a morning meal. So what are your bed and breakfast in Leicester? If you are a history buff, you might well want to check out some sites such as the Clock Tower. Located at the end of Haymarket Block, in one of the liveliest areas of the city, was towering above the surrounding buildings, and is surrounded by local luminaries statues of Simon de Montfort, Gabriel Newton, Sir Thomas White and William Wigston. History aficionados should also remember to check the Guildhall. Built in1390 for the Guild of Corpus Christi, and is used as a place of today's performance, but in the past served as the town hall, the municipal library, and a courtyard, and is always designed in a classic style.

For less taken with historical sites, there are a variety of fantastic restaurants such as Shimla Pink, stylish Indian restaurant, just minutes from the station. While it is very reasonable, it is best to book in advance as it is often very busy, but a good place to eat if you want a good meal instead of eating at your Leicester bed and breakfast. If you want a dining experience, however, you can experience the cherry restaurant. Located in the Belmont House Hotel, offers the classic dining experience, with service to the Gold Star. Again, young people, who may be in a bed and breakfast for Leicester cheap hotel, maybe looking for a taste of nightlife in the city. Those looking for a decent cocktail could do worse than try the bar Cocktail Shooter time. The large courtyard is for smokers, and a wide range of drinks will suit all tastes.

So while you stay in your Leicester bed and breakfast, you have a perfect opportunity to discover the sights and sounds of a beautiful city back and forth. If you are looking for historical sites to nose around, a taste sensation at one of Leicester's restaurants or a night on the tiles, there will be something for you.

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