Leicester in the East Midlands

Leicester in the East Midlands Reviews

Leicester is one of the most renowned British cities, located in the East Midlands; It is the city of Leichershire County, with a population of 445,000.

The city is ideally located in the River Soar near the National Forest, which is one of the most popular places and the most beautiful of the East Midlands.

It is a modern city and well equipped, with a rich history, many places to visit, great attractions and much more to discover: from shopping in big malls to enjoy a drink in one of the many pubs and trendy bars or explore the incredible landscape, Leicester has something for everyone.

Leicester City has a long cultural tradition; many festivals, concerts and art exhibitions are held here. Leicester may be a modern city, but does not come short of beautiful scenery.

Varied landscapes and impressive walking areas can be found in the county; County is really famous for its trails leading to National Forest, where some of the most beautiful English villages and natural sites can be found.

As Leicester has a large network of waterways, visitors enjoy sailing along the banks, or have fun with many water activities.

Leicester has some of the best accommodation establishments in England to meet every budget, needs and possible requirements.

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