Lemonade Diet Directions

Lemonade Diet is an internal body cleansing method break free of toxic substances and others that are not beneficial, not harmful to health. Lemonade is a healthy drink that comes from natural fruit juice lemons. It has a pungent bitter taste that is mixed with sugar and honey diluted with water produces a thirst quenching, otherwise very healthy drink.

For hundreds of years the lemonade was a lot of drink. Kids love, like most people of all ages love to drink lemonade to quench their thirst. The research was done by a group of medical experts that lemons have specific ingredients that have cleansing properties that can clean, disinfect and sanitize our body internally and externally. There are directions to follow if you choose to cleanse or detoxify the body with the lemonade diet.

The first statement is that you have to drink a special lemonade mix (including lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water) from six to twelve cups daily during the diet period. As you are hungry, just have another glass of lemonade.

As the special lemonade mixture is considered complete in vitamins and minerals, it is believed that you do not go hungry while you continue to drink lemonade whenever you are hungry.

Do not take vitamin supplements or vitamin pill while you are on a strict diet lemonade diet.

Any solids which are made in the body of liquid is converted by enzymes in the stomach and, therefore, is supplied to different system of our body by the flow of blood to the various tissues and cells of the body. Lemonade juice diet is the food in liquid form.

While for those who are underweight, more maple syrup is needed to build body tissues more muscle building. C
ells and tissues will not be eliminated. This would mean that, at the end of the diet, the weight will gain weight, while overweight will lose weight.

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