Lenovo Idea Pad The Most Innovative Development

Lenovo idea Mouse is a consumer oriented notebook that are designed by Lenovo. The tablet from Lenovo surprises its customers with its innovations. It is the first world producer pad idea that the convertible net book with a capacitive multi-touch screen.

Lenovo produced this product to make quality consumption in the ultra portable device category and gained huge success with this product. Lenovo Group Limited is a multinational company with China-based computer technology that produces, develops and sells laptops, desktops, servers, storage devices and workstations. It supplies its products directly to its average consumers to small businesses to large enterprises, as well as shops owned by the company, online sales, technology providers and distributors, and chain retailers.

Lenovo idea pads are fully developed by Lenovo and not IBM. There is a wide variety of ideas pad manufactured by Lenovo, starting with the series of the S Tablet S series, L series, Y, Z series and V-series The S series is a netbook, which was built in web browsing and is extremely compact and lightweight. The S series contains Intel Atom, RAM, 120 GB hard drive, 8.9 "LED backlit, Gigabit Ethernet, GMA950, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Express Card, Web Cam, Win XP Home Edition and many other features. Lenovo S series tablet includes S10-3t, 3s and 3c.
It is prepared with rotary technology to connect the light device to form a touch screen tablet.

Lenovo Y Series Brochure is prepared for movie lovers, gamers and audiophiles have a multimedia experience richer. The pads Lenovo laptops Z Series are for daily use to maintain a balance of multimedia features and price with the latest in design. Other features Lenovo idea of
​​each pad include veri face which means it has special security facial recognition feature. It has built-in Dolby sound system home theater with 5.1 surround sound and subwoofer 700 series. It features multimedia control center that has touch buttons on the idea of ​​pad. A "hot swap" secondary swappable HDD and has a key recovery system.

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