Lenovo W520 Review

The computer Lenovo Thinkpad W520 is not only designed for perfectionists, but also people seeking to cope with a heavy workload. This is evident in the presence of the power management functionality that is designed to improve the life of the battery. This function, which is designated as BatteryStretch gives users the ability to select the most effective energy management plan demand. Machine Lenovo Thinkpad W520 is the ultimate mobile workstation. If you are on the payroll of its employees or design a poster, the machine will work for you super fast speed. This is because the processor, a second generation Intel Core i5 has the ability to deal with the latest technological resources and advanced graphics. The processor also supports multitasking, running different programs. This, and the reliability of the rock solid durability and features Lenovo makes this workstation of choice. Indeed, this machine is more than a standard laptop.

Lenovo W520 is a reliable machine because it comes with a spill-resistant keyboard, an internal safety cage and an active protection system which ensures that your data is protected incase the machine breaks. The display supports high quality graphics, it offers a color gamut of up to 95 percent. This machine also comes with security solutions that are integrated. This is supported by ThinkVantage Technologies, a feature that is unique to Lenovo. This feature allows users of this laptop to connect, protect, implement and support your machine. The security solution is enhanced by the password protection function and fingerprint reader are integrated into the machine to ensure that you are protected against external threats.

Other laptop features Lenovo W520 include an Express Card multiple recorder and a slot of four players in a card that allows you to manage your data effectively. Multi burner will work well with different formats such as CD, DVD and hard disk. D
ata management and sharing is also enhanced by the presence of the Bluetooth 3.0 functionality. The machine also has an integrated camera that allows you to hold video conversations and to take pictures and record videos. In summary, with the Lenovo ThinkPad W520 you can be sure to manage your workload with ease without bothering to slow down the machine.

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