Lenovo Y570 Gaming Performance

Many people today have a preference in most portable desktop computers as laptops are more flexible and good-looking.

As laptops are more useful and you can take it anywhere you want, laptops are very popular for buyers and users. But not all laptops are the same. Some people choose the brand that the performance or appearance of sustainability.

However, when it comes to laptops, you should not base your selection purely on behalf of the brand. Reliability, performance and durability should be top of your list.

One laptop to consider is the Lenovo Y570. This notebook series is designed originally by IBM and was later manufactured by Lenovo after 2005. Today, the notebook market, Lenovo laptops are gaining momentum and success.

As highlighted above, this series of laptop was originally from IBM, you can anticipate high quality and advanced technology. Based on the comments and the buyer evaluation, Lenovo laptops are high quality, durability and performance and provide excellent after-sales service.

Lenovo Y570 has many good features combined with cutting edge technology that has all the multimedia features updates. This laptop is ideal for all classes, whether professionals or people after games or entertainment.

Here are some of the features of the Lenovo Y570 series, so you can see how powerful it is:

• Depending on the model you prefer, the CPU for this laptop is or i5 or i7

• 6 GB DIMMs, 4-8 GB DDR3 (depending on model)

• From 500 GB to 750 GB hard drive (depending on model)

• A discrete NVIDIA GeForce GT555M, 15.6-inch screen

You can see in the above list this laptop is capable of doing the same things that the most popular brands can do, but for a cheaper price. If we consider other brands with the same basic features as above, you will see that their laptops are more expensive.

The Lenovo Y570 is available in several models. They are:

• 08623TU
• 08622ZU
• 08622LU
• 086264U
• 086228U

The price of these laptops range from 850 to 1160. If we compare with other popular brands is actually cheaper.

That said, you should consider a Lenovo Y570 on the purchase of your laptop.

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