Lexus IS300 Sale

At the turn of the century, consumers do not associate with Lexus sport. Instead, Lexus is a name synonymous with luxury "affordable" and refinement, but all that changed when the company launched the Lexus IS300 for sale in 2001. The IS300 was a compact sedan, rear-wheel drive performance shout and provided an intuitive level of control that was like nothing else at this price.

Fortunately, this Lexus IS300 home sale does not focus on performance at the expense of everything else. This sports car style as well understood. He sported a way to clean corner, and it came in a color palette that Lexus is designed to take your attention. The interior of the car was and looked different from all that everyone had seen in previous Lexus models. There was a shifter ball chrome, drool-worthy drilled aluminum pedals, and the style of instrumentation dial clock race-inspired. From some perspectives, Lexus took a step backward in terms of luxury, in order to offer all this performance and style.

However, Lexus IS300 was based on the Toyota Altezza sold on the Japanese market. Lexus has designed this car not as a luxury car, but the car's performance. So there were growing pains for Lexus, while trying to adjust the picture. Learning from difficulties in Japan, Lexus adapted the content of extra luxury and include a larger engine, the 3.0-liter already used in the Lexus GS 300 sedan at the time, the IS300 they sold in the United States.

Combined with an automatic 5-speed transmission, the 3.0L engine produces 215 horsepower and 218 lb-ft of torque. Although this Lexus IS300 for managing the sale of 0-60 mph in just a hair more than 7/2, the American automotive critics complained loudly that Lexus did not include a manual transmission. Lexus has responded to this criticism, including a manual transmission 5 speeds for optional Lexus IS300 for sale in 2002. In 2002, Lexus introduced the IS300 car SportCross.

Made from 2001-2005, all IS300 models from 2001 has all amenities and safety features than the demands of modern consumers. Moreover, despite its limited nature, value model ever conducted in the United States. The 2001 models lack of stability control and side curtain airbags. Interestingly, despite all the noise by the American automotive media, IS300s with manual transmissions never sold well, and a passionate will struggle to find today

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