Lexus LF-LC Concept

Officially presented in the show in January 2012 National American International Auto Show (NAIA) in Detroit, the Lexus LF-LC concept is looking to push the Lexus brand in a new sporty and exciting direction.

When Lexus comes to mind, one might think of luxury, comfort and service. Lexus is Toyota's flagship brand has tirelessly maintained a conservative image around large luxury sedans. Since the founding of Lexus in 1989 was declared as the largest car luxury sales in Japan, a title that was recently questioned by Hyundai and Infiniti.

So if you are Lexus, how do you convince the world that you are not only a heavy sedan manufacturer slow boring? Well, you build an exotic supercar that anyone can afford, the LFA, so you sprinkle some appetites with a sports coupe that people can potentially pay, the LF-LC concept.

As a 2 + 2 coupe (two front, two rear), the car is certainly impressive. The lid is then curved so for large arches of the rear wheels to connect the Lexus called "balance and flow." The LF-LC concept dictates a more aggressive attitude than any Lexus before and is rumored to be an alternative more masculine line of SC slightly below expectations.

The interior is dressed in flashy devices from left to right, but perhaps the most impressive feature is the conductor track. Although no detailed specifications have been released for the LF-LC concept, Lexus is committed to develop a hybrid powertrain to reduce the carbon footprint and maximize efficiency in consumption. No suggested price or production rumors have surfaced.

Lexus has not announced a release or production reports confirmed, but expect to see a grand tourer coupe Lexus sport in the next two to three years. Meanwhile, you can drop a few great to exotic Lexus LFA.

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