Love Latvia

For a romantic winter break, we decided to go for Romantic Riga, in this city on the Baltic, which is slowly but surely gaining a reputation for himself as an excellent destination for a short break in Europe, with a small difference. Latvia is a country of natural beauty and well-preserved historic sites, perfect find for a couple in love.

We arrived in Riga and settled in our quiet, comfortable. The next morning, after a long lie, we start to explore the old town. We walked through the maze of side streets paved side, dodging regularly on doors, small shops and quaint cafes to escape the sudden showers heavy rains that periodically tried to swim. In the maze of ancient streets, squares and alleys, we almost felt like we had stepped back in time. After a late lunch eaten lazy as we dripped into a nice little ground coffee, wandering aimlessly for a while, very happy to be together in this city. We took advantage of the breaks between showers, running and laughing through the rain, but ending not less soggy.

After returning to the hotel to change our wet things that have come out again, walking the romantic streets whose stones gleamed wet in the golden glow of streetlights. We dined in style in the atmosphere, but expensive restaurant Rozengrals having a good meal and a nice chat before winding our way slowly and somewhat fragile, return to the hotel.

The next morning the rain turned into hail and falling sleet was pretty relentless, so we spent a happy morning in the steam National Art Museum, mooching and hoping the weather improves a bit when looking at the art and put the world to rights. People watching was almost as good as viewing the art. The last day in Latvia, went to Jurmala, the popular seaside summer was almost pretty quiet this time of year and snow falling gently on the white sand installed quickly making it difficult to distinguish from each other. Baltic border was covered with ice. We spent the day there, play, snowmen, having battles balls and walking side gloved hand Jurmala wooden houses, walking quickly along a beautiful nature trail cold to keep warm.

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