Making Money With A Lemonade Stand

With summer approaching, many of you will have free time on their hands. Start your own business!

You can earn a lot of extra money, you are happy that you won money even to buy this toy or gadget that you want so bad, and learn a lot about starting and running a business in the process.

Your imagination is the only limit. I'll talk lemonade stands because my two boys ran a lemonade stand this summer with great success right in their own front yard. Lemonade is an easy business to start and fast.


You will need, easy to read, large attractive signs, bright colors that effectively deliver the message. Be creative and use images to convey a message whenever possible.


If you live in a place that is not appropriate, you might consider working with the parents of one of his friends at his home. You can provide signs, lemonade, cups, and perhaps supervision if you are an older boy who will work with the younger children. Be creative to find a place, but if there is a safe alternative, put this idea in a water bath.


You do not want to do something that will make enemies living much longer than their neighbors. If your lemonade stand creates more traffic problems or become a nuisance to your neighbors or you have a bad experience. If there will be a fight on your neighborhood lemonade stand, you might want to cancel this idea and find another.

The bench

If possible, have a shade structure, as a quick mask or EZ-up. They keep you out of the hot sun and help provide the structure that will attract the attention of pedestrians. You will need a folding table, two chairs, some change, and a container to keep your money. a water cooler 5 gallon was used to store our lemonade.


You will have to shop around for the best prices on supplies. You will need glasses, and the ingredients to make lemonade. You can decide to make your own lemonade or buy a mixture of lemonade. Determine your cost to prepare and serve lemonade and add a little profit. We use a mixture of lemonade and we could sell our lemonade at 25 cents pr. glass. However, some customers have given our big boys tips! You may be able to add brownies, cookies or other products to increase sales.


Remember to smile and be friendly to your customers.
Other business

Use your imagination when it comes to starting a business. It has regular advertisers and readers and seems to be fine with it.

Have fun out there, to be sure, working hard and making a lot of money!

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