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Math Blaster is an online game massively multiplayer (MMOG), which was launched in 2011 by Knowledge Adventure. This game is based math-rated for players aged 6 to 12. The company also has another online game called Jump Start, which is aimed at preschoolers. Parents who send their children to join the Math Blaster get the Jump Start program for free. Like many other online games, kids can play Math Blaster free; However, universal access to all resources requires a monthly subscription of $ 5. Players loading the game application on the Math Blaster website and access the game on secure servers. The game is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Although the Math Blaster MMOG was released in 2011, the game is under a large corporate umbrella known as Blaster Learning System. Davidson Company has developed educational software Math Blaster in 1989. Knowledge Adventure has taken the online software in 1999 and expanded the Math Blaster brand in a series of cartoon network and now as an online game.


In Math Blaster, players initially aboard a spaceship and is given a paper Blaster Cadet. Players are able to customize your younger using a molecular modulator that allows them to choose and watch the cash Avatar. Players progress through the game, which deals with questions of mathematics - which allows them to earn merits and achievements. These merits allow players to climb the ranks of patrol intergalactic space. Players are the good guys who defend the universe of threats in space. Players make friends with other players and can chat with them using pre-selected and filtered language. Players can also create their home "pods" and can have pets called "mutts" mutt living in 'pods'. Math Blaster players are not restricted to one game - there are many portals and mathematics exercises that players can choose to move into the virtual world

What is good

Math Blaster is a game oriented discrete action that will appeal primarily to boys 7 years to 12. The game will also appeal to those who need help with basic math and advanced. Many players choose avatars that are women or have female characteristics. The graphics and game design are above average. There are adult themes in the game. No alcohol, smoking, drug use, sex or offensive language.

Taking mathematics and integrate with themes that attract children is not an easy task, but Knowledge Adventure has done an excellent job of making math fun. This MMOG is one of the few that encourages children to develop life skills. The youngest players at the lower end of the age can be a little disturbed detonation. The avatars of the players must choose can be a little more original. Since the history of mathematics Blaster lies in educational software, the company markets its products previously manufactured at the site.

Online Safety

With the high educational component involved Math Blaster, there will be fewer opportunities for language and inappropriate behavior players. However, parents should be aware of different levels of social discussion. In secure chat, players choose only phrases, emoticons and pre-selected images. In the social chat, players enter filtered language, but some inappropriate words can pass. Online Math Blaster safety message needs to be more visible. At present, parents need to click on the privacy policy contained in the small print at the bottom of the web page.

In short

It is a good educational site for both younger and older players who can advance in the game based on their math skills.

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