MCAT Experts Debate The Merits of Intuition Tests

During summer you devote his time to MCAT practice, a quiet war was forming on the MCAT test ...

... And as a test-taker, the winner will ultimately have a huge effect on your score.

On one hand, you have your practice MCAT experts who believe that the "testing intuition" (that funny feeling you get when you are sure that the correct answer) is the greatest ally you can have in the fight for the best MCAT preparation.

On the other hand, you have a growing number of test experts who believe that this "testing intuition" is just another test trap that many students fall. They argue that the test of intuition tends to be reckless.

The MCAT case for each side

There is no denying that each party has its own merits. Take these points into consideration:

Intuition test (often called "guesstimating) was presented as an ideal method to meet the challenging MCAT questions. The test experts argue that when our intuition guide us to select an answer on another is a direct consequence of the subconscious knowledge trying to make their way to the surface.

• However, an increasing number of test experts pointed to research indicating that go with your gut intuition can often lead to errors. Add to the fact that manufacturers design MCAT questions to play in this "first instinct" and you have a recipe for a score in the low MCAT exam.

Now that you have heard both sides of this story, there is only one question remains ...

... When it comes to the MCAT test intuition, you are a believer or skeptic?

Tune your MCAT Practice Instinct

No matter which side you are, there is one important conclusion that can be drawn from this argument: using his instincts to guide you to correct response options should always be used with great caution.

It is essential to ensure that this "instinct" is really intuition into play, not a direct result of getting yourself in the test trap. And once you've identified the most popular test traps that show no doubt in your MCAT test, you can guarantee yourself a golden test score.

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