MCAT Score

Average Medical College Admission Test Score

The MCAT score for all people taking the exam is 28. Medical school average review score for those who have accepted to medical school is 32. If you get a 24 or lower on your medical examination, you are virtually guaranteed not to be accepted into a medical school. In this case, you must repeat the test at a later date. You also need to study for this exam, improve parts of your MCAT scores you've failed the initial test.
MCAT scores

There are four parts to the MCAT test: physical sciences, biological sciences, verbal reasoning and writing sample. The first three are in a multiple-choice format.

Physical Sciences (PS) - Breakdown of Chemistry and Physics
Biological Sciences (BS) - Biology and Organic Chemistry Questions
Verbal Reasoning (VR) - To understand, evaluate and apply information and prose style arguments
Sample Writing (WS) - Two short written tests over a period of 60 minutes

The MCAT test is the "Medical College Admission Test," that potential medical students in Canada and the United States must pass before entering medical school. Thus, the MCAT is a graduate examination. these days, the Medical College Admission test is a fully computerized test.

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