Memeo Connect Reader Access and Google Docs Sync with Your iPad

So far Google has not created an application for iPad to your Google Docs platform. Memeo has filled that void with your Memeo Connect Reader. Memeo Connect readers synced with your Google Account Documents to provide real-time access to important files. Currently, the developer has limited the amount of files you can access the 1000 (more than 200) and plans to increase this limit altogether the application expires. The player supports almost all formats Google Docs supports processing, spreadsheets and presentations. Memeo player also lets you view and synchronization of PDF files, audio, video and images. Exceptions are Memeo player is still limited to what the iPad can play. You can browse all the files that you configure on Google, the star items, delete items, etc. Memeo player also lets you drag and drop entire folders into your Google Account Documents similar to what you would do in other cloud services such as cash. Net and Google Docs.
Developer Description:

- Automatically synchronizes with Google Docs to update your documents

- See all Google your files, including MS Office documents PDF, Apple iWork & - even view photos and videos
- Scroll and zoom easily Docs for easy reading
- Read offline for your stay productive on the go
- Works with Google Docs Standard, Education and Premiere edition users

What's new in version 1.1.0

1. You can now import Google documents to Pages, Keynote and Numbers
2. Increased limit document for 1000 (previously 200)
3. The documents stored in Google's online format can be synchronized as Microsoft Office files
4. The documents stored in Google's online format can be synchronized in PDF
5. Supports multi-page spreadsheets
6. The new settings change which documents are synchronized
7. Switch to turn off sound
8. Switch to disable automatic login
9. Fixed a bug where the login screen may be displayed when you launch the application without a valid network connection
10. Fixed a crash when displaying large images

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