Memsaab Leicester Restaurant

As we are both big fans of Indian food, we decided to treat ourselves to a special meal at MemSaab Restaurant in Leicester. Upon entering the restaurant, we were immediately impressed not only were very friendly and welcoming staff, but the scenery was amazing. It was a great way to start the meal, as we had time to absorb the atmosphere, relax and unwind before going to the first floor dining room.

Our table gave us stunning views of High Cross and the lively nightlife of Leicester city center. For an appetizer, not resist the Goan Steam mussels with ginger, turmeric, coconut milk and coriander, they were soft and sweet, with a nice shot of ginger spices. A dish that seemed quite unusual for Indian restaurants in Leicester was the tandoori ostrich, with pieces of ostrich kebab and roasted in a clay oven, served with salad and mint chutney. C
an become frustrated with the often limited vegetarian options that many restaurants offer. MemSaab, however, has an impressive selection of dishes to choose from and ultimately she chose daal makhani, an extremely popular dish. A combination of lentils and beans are emerged for a total of 12 hours before being finished with garam masala, sour cream and butter. He was rich and tasty, and as she likes a little heat the chef added some chili. Keeping up with theme of seafood to choose the king prawn palak, a curry never experienced before. The shrimp were delicious cooked with fresh spinach in a sauce with ginger and onion based juicy fresh tomatoes. We ordered pilau rice and naan two ordinary butter, which was perfect for enjoying all the delicious sauce. Poppadoms are a little obsession for me and ordered four, with a chutney tray and some cucumber raita. Everything about the meal was excellent and we both agreed that MemSaab was one of the best restaurants in Leicester was. Although we were stuffed we just had to try ke gajar halwa, a carrot and cardamom pudding served warm with ice cream vanilla and crushed pistachios. Our waiter was extremely helpful and attentive throughout we felt comfortable that we can really relax and enjoy our meal. We are planning our next meeting and think about planning a lunch date in MemSaab with some shopping at High Cross then!

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