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You know there are a growing number of mobile application developers teenagers? Several large companies are encouraging the efforts of these young developers, regardless of their age and education. In 2012, a teenager based in California has developed a mobile application for the Home Depot in a competition and won $ 10,500, which impressed a Facebook employee and the company offered to stage. The company has also used him and plans to integrate its algorithmic invention in their own mobile applications.

evelopers of applications teenagers are not just getting a job in large companies, but also to win their place in the mobile development area application, from their own business. The last company of this shoe is an iOS app called Sketch'd, which is considered the world's first iOS application that allows people pull anything, animate and share it with others as a video loop.

With the increasing use of smartphones, mobile applications and mobile application development has become a key element of modern technology. The need for mobile application developers is increasing at a higher pace. Ace players in the smartphone market, including Apple and Google trying to attract application developers in its App Store, offering some relaxation in the regulations. Many popular companies are eager to acquire the mobile application for developers of talent applications. Not only are they looking for developers who can create custom mobile applications for different types of companies, but also those who have talent in developing mobile web applications for various fields such as social networks, doctors , banks and others.

Mobile Application Development - a breeding ground for entrepreneurs

The latest freelancers global survey for a human resources company online oDesk and a consulting firm Gen Y, millennial brand revealed about 72 percent of regular jobs or quit their jobs and work entirely for themselves. According to the survey, the main reason is the prospect of flexibility and freedom that 89 percent prefer to work choosing your own work place and time rather than adjusting to a strict business work.

The mobile application development work can certainly provide the freedom and flexibility of these professionals seek. Being very portable, smartphones offering application developers to work with data in real time from anywhere using tools such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Mobile App Stores (for example, the Apple App Store, Google Play Store) allows application developers to publish their applications at any time wherever you are and win a share of revenues from sales with ease.

However, it is difficult to develop effective mobile applications for various businesses and publish them on the App Stores in using new technologies and follow the various smartphone companies. For example, Apple introduced the new iOS 7 that can provide fresh mobile experience and ease of use. You must develop new applications that are compatible with this platform. Apple released revised Developer License Agreement for application developers. Its App Store will reject applications that violate this agreement. Despite the challenges involved in the development of mobile applications for Apple iOS 7, companies that adolescents mentioned above will have no hesitation to come forward with their innovations.

Companies looking to explore new revenue sources will be interested in having their own mobile applications, since consumers today live practically on tablets and smartphones. This speaks volumes about the prospects of entrepreneurs engaged in the development of custom mobile applications.

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