Native Mobile Apps Better Than Web Apps Review

There is a general perception that native mobile applications - that can be downloaded directly from the Play Store and installed on your phone - are more than Web-based applications according to their general friendly. Higher values ​​of native applications sales apparently also have evidence for this view. However, it is these native applications, custom really outsmart Web applications in all aspects? Let's take a look:

    Creation - The mobile application development process is concerned, native applications that win hands down. Once they are customized for different mobile platforms, all the coding is done by the internal application of enterprise developers.

    Speed ​​- This tour also goes to native mobile applications. When you purchase and install an application from a BlackBerry Enterprise or the iPhone application development, it automatically becomes part of the integrated features of the handset. web applications due to its very high Internet connectivity application at any time, are generally slower.

ost factor - the view of developers of business applications, the cost of mobile application development for native applications is significantly higher than the web-based. Applications that are compatible on different platforms, in particular, can be very expensive. The average time to create native applications prototypes is also higher. If you prefer native apps, you'll have to wait!

    Ergonomics - According to experts of any business or top of Android development iPhone applications, native applications and Web applications can be user-friendly - although the former seems to have the advantage here. This is because most native applications can be integrated seamlessly with your phone camera, sound recorder / video, and other features of the device. Applications downloaded mobile sites are not likely to have this feature.

    App Store approval - An important point where Web applications perform better native mobile applications. For a developer who is in the application development business for the iPhone, it may take up to several weeks for new applications approved and submitted the online application stores. Web applications do not require such approval stores, and are therefore easier to promote.

    Safety - While getting visibility into app stores can be a very long process, the process can work in favor of native applications as well.
    Internal memory requirement - Native applications require a certain amount, storage pre-specified on the devices - to function effectively. Since web applications require no additional memory space to be launched and operated convenience is certainly more that score.

    The application performance monitoring - more difficult path to native applications, as for web-based applications. The development company specializing in native app mobile app creation would normally have to develop multiple versions of each application - depending on the platform (iPhone, Blackberry and Android) that would be used. The analysis for each of these versions must be monitored, to get an idea of
​​how the application is running. Regarding web applications, they have a unique version, which makes performance monitoring much easier.

    Find the necessary applications - With the range of available web applications can sometimes get a bit complicated for users to find what they really need on their phones. There is no room for such confusions on native mobile applications though - because they appear systematically in Apple Play Store Android Store and BlackBerry App World. The selection and downloading of native applications is usually much less bulky than the search for appropriate Web applications.

    Maintenance - For native applications usually involve custom coding for different development platforms, maintenance is considered at least a little more difficult than for web applications. Data on maintenance costs for Web applications, of course, are also lower.

In terms of quality and performance, but these native applications, they are mostly better than web applications. All things considered, native applications appear to offer more user-benefits - although web applications also have several positive points of their own.

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