NBA Los Angeles Lakers Review Boston Celtics

The Los Angeles Lakers rebounded from a second quarter five point deficit to defeat the Boston Celtics. The Lakers beat the ball inside to Gasol, Bynum and Odom nearby. Then Kobe Bryant finished off the Celtics with its fourth quarter shooting. The highlight for the Celtics Ray Allen made two three-point shots to lead all the time in three field goals from the point made about Reggie Miller, who was in the advertising game for TNT.

The Lakers really needed this game to your own psyche. Although the dual time defending champion, getting hit and severely beaten by the top layer of the upper teams another team would not be good for his confidence. Even Phil Jackson seemed worried that never happens during the regular season. In his last meeting with the Celtics two were "Punked" while Staples Center. It also helped that the Lakers began to shoot some jump shots that loosened the Celtics zone, man to man defense. The Lakers began to defend as they did in the final. They challenged the Celts shooters and controlled the boards. Bynum played a big role in each category. I'm sure the Celtics would not mind to see that Carmelo to trade Bynum. They would easily pass through the Lakers if that occurred.

Kobe Bryant played the facilitator in the first half the Lakers get involved forecourt and energy savings for the second half. Kobe does not have to expend energy keeping Rondo. Kobe Black Mamba happened in attack mode in the second half and especially the fourth quarter. The six-minute rest playing time to begin the fourth quarter was huge for him and the Lakers. He abused both Von Wafer and Ray Allen when he returned. Many credit must go to Shannon Brown another to allow Kobe to rest long. This could be the signature win that despises the Lakers play well for the rest of the season and win another championship. Or maybe just another victory that allows the Lakers know they can turn on the proverbial switch when they want, and only emerge in the play-offs when necessary. Time will tell us.

Celtics started well the match. They defended, hit the glass and throw the lights. Something changed after Ray Allen hit a career are headed goal three points. It is as if all the energy left the Celtics and the building. Normally, when the Celtics stand for fifteen is to twenty-five points because they play very good defense. Do not be at full strength to start, little big man Nate Robinson was injured early and Paul Pierce still weak from the flu. The Celtics seem to tire at the end. This does not include the absence of problems which Allen participated.

The Celtics were forced to play Von Wafer who has not played a lot throughout the year. Wafer was like a squirrel goes against a black mamba snake. He had no shot. Not having Shaq injured the front yard. KG, Big Baby and clean Mean Mr. Kendrick Perkins were all transferred at the end of the game. They were the main reason they outrebounded the front yard of the largest and longest Lakers. Shaq could have at least knock on Gasol and Bynum and soften them. With a little less than a minute, the Celtics had closed to three points, Pierce intercepted a pass, but his pass to Rondo sailed long and went out of bounds. If completed, it would lead to cut and what could be anybodies the game. It was a great victory necessary for the Lakers, who have just one win in seven attempts against the line of the upper opponents. The Celtics did not play with the intensity they did in Los Angeles, they also do not shoot, just as they did then, some of them was the Lakers defense was much better this time -ci, they contested more shots, but the Celtics have lost a lot of open looks victory. Rondo lost nearly everything he threw. H
ope that the serious injury despite these teams to meet in June for the third time in four years.

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