Phil Jackson The Greatest Los Angeles Lakers NBA Coach

The coach of the Los Angeles Lakers Phil Jackson was labeled "Zen Master" for years because of his approach to the game, his manners and the things he talks about individuals.

But his unique style that distinguish it from all other NBA legends. There are key elements for the Jackson style that is a real difference to other NBA coaches. Coincidence or not, Jackson has the greatest number of coaching rings at eleven and twelve-pack possibly next June trades for his Lakers.

What Jackson style elements?

Jackson's look at the keys to preparing and allowing the Lakers to hoist another NBA trophy.


Jackson has the Lakers meditate before each game. Sounds silly? Try powerful. Like everything with Jackson, there is a purpose. And this is not something new to Jackson and his coaching style. He had Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls did exactly the same thing.

Basically, meditation involves quieting the mind, find a relaxed state of chaos both internal and external. The roadmap shows that Jackson must have merit. He wants his players calm, especially before the bulk of their careers.


Jackson was addicted to basketball. He lived the game for more than forty years. It prepares the Lakers as hard as any other coach. It is amazing that he won coach of the year once. One !! We hope that the oppressed and not reward excellence.

In a number that is based on adjustments, Jackson usually gets the upper hand.


Jackson preaches running like hell minister preach the south and fire. He is adamant accuracy and throughput. His triangle offense requires this level of detail. In victories, chances are the Lakers crime hummed like a vintage muscle car. Losses, the first zone any fan can point to failure was carrying offensive.


Everyone is focused on the big players Jackson trained or infringement classic triangle. But it is a defensive power. Jordan Bulls won titles because they could not defend. The Shaq / Kobe Lakers arrested people. The current iteration of the Lakers is the top spot for the defense of the league.


Perhaps this is connected to the whole thing of meditation, but Jackson predicates his coaching style in balance. That's why you will not see him draw a huge amount of time limit, at least in the regular season. Jackson will sit there and watch the action. He rarely stem the tide by calling a timeout. It is a unique style and a lot Lakers fan can be heard shouting at your TV to a T, but Jackson won for support.


Everything ends this time. Jackson 13 NBA coach Finals.That is still difficult to write. Everyone wants to ding him to have great players and this is true.

But remember, Jordan won anything until Jackson. Everyone wants to say that the Lakers winning or losing comes down to what Kobe did. Jackson has the advantage over all other NBA coaches. Call it what you want, but I'll call it what it is: the greatest coach in the NBA.

The media likes to position it as a Zen master and it's fun to play with. But Jackson is more attracted Native American ways. So it is really Shaman Lakers, their man of medicine, preparing for the reign of dance.

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