PKU Symptoms and How Someone Really Get!

PKU Symptoms and How Someone Really Get You Should Know

PKU is a disease that increases something known as phenylalanine in the body. Phenylalanine is an amino acid that is used to construct objects. Like to think of amino acids as Lego pieces in a Lego world. They are used to create the muscles, tissues, cells, hair, skin and nails. The problem is that much of this amino acid accumulates in the body that negatively affects the brain and nervous system.

One of the most common symptoms of this disease is mental retardation. This means that someone does not have the mental capacity to live a normal life. It is similar to dementia, but is diagnosed when a person is under the age of 18 In addition to mental health problems may also have problems with the nervous system. How does this system, information is drawn from muscles, skin, joints and eyes, then sent to the brain. If there is a problem with the nervous system, rather than easily reach the handle to open the door of a hand of a person can be huge. There could be problems with walking and with any type of movement. Another PKU signal is hyperactivity. This can include things such as difficulty paying attention, sitting still for long periods of time, too much talk or interrupt the conversations of others. The skin may also be of small bubbles on a fluid leakage. Finally, someone may have some odor, unusual coming from his breath, skin or urine. Some people have described it as a musty smell, which could be like an old basement, wet towel or dirty. Finally, a person's skin, eyes, hair can be lighter than their familiar color.

As someone receives PKU returns to inherit a mutated gene. To summarize all the main symptoms would PCU mental retardation, agitation in parts of the body, hyperactivity, eczema, an unusual musty smell and lighter colors regarding the skin, hair and eyes.

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