Preston North 1-1 Leicester City Highlights

First game of Phil Brown alloy saw only the hum Catching control North End valuable point against Leicester City thanks Sven-Göran Eriksson for injuries not pace with the 91 Minute Do equalizer shaped Iain Hume!

Match Report

Getting to Game Sports Expert NOT MANY we gave the opportunity COME paragraph have defined a very strong team face Leicester City, who won YOUR DOI previous championship games to do, taking paragraph Manchester City Well VIR hum draw 2 -2 FA Cup replay tie Have not hum. THEY forums had also recently acquired favor Premier League striker Yakubu source BY loan Everton, David Moyes' Until the end of the season. OS first 45 minutes, saw Preston ease slowly not play, though, despite the game to make the source of balance Be very balanced, were the visitors, with most chances of the UN. Lloyd Dyer, Yakubu and former Preston loanee Paul Gallagher Getting Close all. Darren Carter probably had the best PNE paragraph effort in 30 minutes mark, sending a curling shot hit the post ONLY Side, almost a replica Your Goal Cup against Forest.

Half a second current system with no leg before Preston Brown and Horton tendon obviously motivated Halftime boys do, and after 56 minutes, we have a pause Our; Iain Hume met ONLY with the pace of paragraph 9 Yards keeper De paragraph APOS ball forum non somehow fell on its way, but not, IT Direct hit the ball not GOALIE few Despair Fas.
Worse was a 4 Minutes Later situation, when Leicester boy, Yakubu, found itself in our penalty area, with a non-PSE ITS ball and was given tendon along coldly IT slotted home FOR left lower tag, Hitting Lonners on your next post.

With the pace against US Needful Thing Moving quickly, and brought to 65 Minutes Brown in new kid Ellington Preston, optimism Creating buzz of feeling around the earth; This is um immediate process Had no impact, his pace too much for Leicester Defence.

As the game reached final YOUR North End times continued research not release shall draw, but NOT IT just seem to be coming, despite efforts Boys. However! Minute No. 91 OS Jocks and Technical Commission have your reward! Lonners sent football pitch hum looking
what was lit by Ellington Towards Hayes, who then deflected the ball to the UN for Hume Way, and subsection looking compensate your lack hum product already finished end there, the left Chris Weale. The stadium erupted; Purpose OS to send 11,500 Fas house in a wild dance! This seemed to come unites FA Cup win.

The sigh was all curve Last Fas No Pes YOUR stage. AFTER Skip goal behind against hum hum side Leicester seemed like buzz What a great result; To valuable point not stop rot Four consecutive games, well short VIR Keep an SOE teams directly above us.


Preston North End:

Hume 91 '

Leicester City:

Yakubu 60 '

Thoughts make Reporter

Well, after months of cowardly performance sob Fergie Jnr endured. for one am delighted to display the World team. . It seemed to fight for every ball, and beyond His Purpose thought that paragraph closes Low Very well throughout the game certainly We rode our luck - no COME req Deny, with Leicester lock non tendon struck three times - but there was a noticeable improvement in our tactics, and the first time we had a presence in goal.

Ellington seemed very sharp paragraph Someone who did not have a lot of football in recent weeks, and, uh little rhythm game, it could be big paragraph hum US From Here drive at the end of the season. If Hayes can strike unites form he showed in Scunthorpe, offering nominal aid Hume and Ellington, so we have enough goals in paragraph We take the points that need to subsection Stay as long as queue Keep Cramped things in the rear league.

Thought the boy Linganzi, Getting good performance hum FOR LITTLE pace, he was field country; IT seemed not Pause Play Very good and constantly got in the Faces source of Leicester player.

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