Pros and Cons Of Buying Lego Building Blocks

Pros and Cons Of Buying Lego Building Blocks You Should Know

If you are a working mother from Los Angeles, CA, Richardson, TX, and New York, NY you know LEGOs are a favorite toy for children of all ages during the holiday season. As you already know, there is always a battle between toys based on the purchase technology like video games vs. old toys to school like LEGOs. This article is dedicated to give you the pros and cons of buying toy building blocks, LEGOs as for their children or grandchildren.

More LEGO games

Variety of characters: Over the years Legos sets have expanded the category of characters to choose from. You can choose:

Star Wars
Harry Potter
Green lantern
Indiana Jones
Star Wars - Boba Fett
The Lord of the Rings
As you can see all the names are almost known to everyone young and old.

Child's interests: If you want to develop the child's interest that you can select Lego building blocks based on what excites you the most:

Animals and Nature
Fantasy and Sci-Fi (ie halo)
TV and Movies (ie Harry Potter and Star Wars)
As your children grow, you can be sure your collection LEGOS always have your interest while you manage your life and everything.

Based Education: Special LEGO brand called LEGO Education offer their twin building blocks kits for babies and children. These LEGOs are designed for young children and help in the development of the child:

eye-hand coordination
color recognition
spatial perception
basic design
feed the imagination through stories
You can choose basic sets of bricks or link units (eg, farm, train, theater and family) classics.

Less LEGO games

Price: Most Lego building blocks and accessories are priced below $ 25.00 for the basic Lego pieces and other products.
Sex Master: LEGOS building games tend to be male dominated. After doing a quick search online, you will notice names like Bionicle, Ninja, wars, etc. Goldieblox faces of girls and have themes and friendly girl securities.
The biggest concern for mothers choking. LEGOs designed the Double series (recommended for children 24 months to 5 years) to give mothers and grandmothers of mind knowing that their young are safe from choking.
Given these target toys LEGOs creating thinking and the development of social skills are also a great gift choice for mothers and grandparents this holiday season.

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