René Lacoste Biographie was a Man of many Talents

Born in 1904 into a wealthy family, René Lacoste was a man of many talents. This ,, known French tennis player was best known for his aggression, in and out of court. (Because of this, his fans aptly nicknamed "the crocodile".)

René Lacoste Biographie

Interestingly, Rene has not played her first tennis match until the age of 15. At the time, his father issued an ultimatum of sorts. He promised Rene in exchange for becoming a champion tennis player in the world within five years, it then allows you to choose and follow what career goals they wanted.

Playing alongside Jean Borotra, Jacques Henri Cochet and Nectarine, René helped win eight single French titles, six sets of six Wimbledon Davis Cup. Unfortunately, respiratory disease forced him to give up his tennis career at the age of 25. He played his last game in 1929. Lacoste is probably most famous for its polo wide variety of Lacoste clothing offered. In 1933, he and his longtime friend, Andre Giller founded La Société Chemise Lacoste to produce and market a tennis shirt line, which introduced its now famous crocodile embrodiered chest.

Those familiar with the history of the fashion industry will tell you that this Lacoste logo of crocodile is probably the first example of a "designer logo", to be presented in any piece of clothing.

Being a bit of an inventor, he also gained additional fame for patenting the first ever built tubular steel tennis racket. The tennis star Jimmy Connors was one of the first of many players to use this innovative piece of equipment. Before then, tennis rackets were constructed mainly of wood.

In 1997, in an autobiography written by fellow player and long-time tennis promoter, Jack Kramer, Rene has been ranked among the top 21 greatest of all time tennis players.

Lacoste was married to the French championship golf born, Simone Thion de la Chaume.

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