RTS League Of Legends The Overview

League of Legends is a multiplayer game Microsoft online competitive developed by Riot Games, set in a fantasy world. How is a free multiplayer strategy game, players form a team of 3 each or 5 each. These groups of players are called champions. League of Legends is a micro-manage RTS (real time strategy). Since the latest statistics for 85 champions announced for the game.

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The land Valoran have been affected by conflict and the Runewars current until it ended with the super powers by creating an Institute of War. You fight the battle with their confidence of champions to win the game and rule the world of Valoran.

How the game is played?

The game is played on a map of area called "source" with the two teams at opposite ends. There is something called "Nexus" and the goal of each team is to destroy the "Nexus" opponent. Nexus is the ultimate threat that is contained in the enemy base. The game starts at the lowest level, level 1 and can go up to level 18. There are also many other obstacles on the way to the ponte thrown at you called "Minions", attacking players of the opposing team they should be killed and also some monsters attacking teams. Each base where these "Towers" is placed is called "Lane". The show is called "field of justice" and players can choose from three available 'Filed justice "called Summoner Rift Breach crystal and Tortured Forest. E
ach differ in the number of "Lane" is that it offers and the number of players who can play. Rift Summoner allows the game to 5 players per side, with 3 lanes while facing Treeline allows only 3 players and only 2 channels. Crystal Scar is released to the type of game developed recently called "domain". Each team will have a base that has a nexus point, object store and re-spawn. it turns on the track engage enemies. As a team destroyed a tower, it is permanently destroyed, which can not be revived this session. There is also another type of elements called "inhibitors" for each team. If a team kills an inhibitor of the opposing team, Minions with more power to destroy the opposing team will be generated. Inhibitors may be destroyed restarted after a certain period of time.

While League of Legends is a game session based, persistent element in the game is the "Summoner," which follows the statistics of the game, including the score of each player. "Summoner" can influence the game, gaining experience points and influence of each session points (battle) game. They go to the next level of play with these points. Unlike "Summoner," which can affect the game, there are also masters and runes that affect the gameplay in certain ways. The store at the base of each team can be used to purchase additional options for "Summoner". The first team to destroy the opposing team's link is the winner of the game. The game can also be decided by a voting system is one of the team goes.

Game modes

This game can be played in 5 different modes, as follows

Tutorial: As the name suggests this session is played offline for new players to get a feel of the game, they will be familiar with the basic understanding of the game, including the purpose and the game controls..

Normal Mode: In this mode, players are accompanied by an automatic service game individually or as part of a team. A set is automatically created after the intersection of all the players and the players are placed on each team, so both the team has an equal chance of winning the game. Players are combined based solely on its ranking DEI.

Fashion Vs.AI Co-Op: This game is played against a computer-controlled champions team called "bots". The game player combines each link based on their average. In this mode players can be combined individually or in teams. This mode allows only 5 team player and can play on the plan Summoner's Rift.

Custom Mode: As this game is a session based, players can create sessions according to your taste and other players can participate in this game the game list.
Mode Note: This mode can be played by players of the highest level.

Get faster progress, join multiplayer online battle arena and be a winner in this fantastic 3D game.

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