Sell Your Smartphone If You Do Not Need!

Often we buy things that do not really need. Much like laptops, computers, tablets and smartphones are always bought by the simple fact that they are new. Other times, people buy them to be "in" and be cool. They want to brag that they have the latest MP3 players with larger memories, or the latest phones with the best looking games.

Some consumer electronics are actually very useful for our daily life, such as a desktop computer. This usually happens with smartphones. Why even buy the latest smartphone when you have a powerful computer, your own secretary, and still use Post-It?

Do you really need?

Here are some reasons to convince you to sell your smartphone:

1. They are all the same

- You could get the latest iPhone or Motorola Atrix models, but previous generations still perform the same functions. If you own one, you will always do the same if you buy a new one.

2. You are not maximizing their abilities

- Why bother to give your mother a BlackBerry when it's just a humble home housewife? While the thought of giving you the latest smartphones is wonderful, it will be a waste. If you just want to take pictures and send text messages, then go buy a normal cell.

- Similarly, if you are still in front of the computer, you really need to use Internet resources smartphones. Especially if you live near your workplace (which probably has access to the Internet), having a smartphone is an impractical idea.

If you're a gambling addict, you can not play the last Call of Duty to hit the shelves. You will always be enter your e-mail account on the computer, and you'll be online all day.

3. You bring hardly anywhere

- If you are a wealthy person who likes to travel, then a smartphone is definitely helpful. But if you're like the rest of the population, then a smartphone is not really necessary. If you take a tablet computer or a laptop with you wherever you go (many people who have tablets also have smartphones), then you really do not use the Internet features of the smartphone. The tablet is a better alternative for surfing.

Owning a smartphone is a serious addiction. CNN reports that people normally check their smartphones at least 34 times a day, not because they really need. They simply verify habit. The brain simply commands the hands to reach the phone involuntarily.

This is a serious problem, such as CNN also reports that is very disturbing.
Emails suddenly became involuntary verification.

If you tend to check your e-mail using your phone several times a day, then you must think. If you encounter these problems, just sell your smartphone and downgrade. But if you really can not live without it, just go buy a cheaper smartphone with basic functionality of smartphones. You can try the BlackBerry Curve 8520. It is one of the cheapest smartphones, but still has the basic features of the smartphone.

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