SEO Is Important, Even If You Are Burger King

If you are a small business servicing a limited regional area with your company or an international company with satellite offices / shops on every continent, if you have a website you need to keep your SEO practices. Even if you have the advantage of a recognizable brand built over the years, when a user enters a keyword in Google, the search engine will not care if your business is worth five dollars or five billion. If your website is not properly optimized for the keyword, it will not rank high in the results.

Take for example a recent SEO situation with the king of fast food Burger King. Burger King assigns a website for every company to It seems reasonable, but viewers in the short memory can not remember the URL and Google or Yahoo search for "Whopper Virgin." No Burger King.

According to an article in Advertising Age, it is the apparent lack of SEO tactics that may have frustrated his campaign "Whopper Virgins" Burger King. Search on "Whopper Virgin" can lead to a parked domain called post ads for Virgin Mobile and other independent sites. To date, however, research on this keyword leads to many articles published about the error Burger King SEO Internet. Ultimately, media attention can alleviate some of the initial damage done, but the truth is that Burger King had used his own tactics of search engine optimization in your micro-advertising site that attracted immediately traffic without incurring national embarrassment.

What Burger King wrong? While meta tags are not the main determining factor in search ranking, a look at the site's description tag reveals that "Whopper Virgin" is not found, then a spider analysis detects not.

A first visit to the site shows a landing page with great graphics and a prompt to download the Adobe plug-in right. If a company like Burger King can not be correctly found in the survey due to lack of SEO, what chance have a local company have? Use the available online tools to help you in building your site for high search rankings, optimized for all related keywords, and you can not pass the test.

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