Shopping In Leicester

Tower Victorian Clock, situated at the point of seven city streets meeting, is generally recognized as the main point in Leicester meeting. The shops in the city center is a pedestrian zone where only buses are allowed. It is a geographically flat city, walking and shopping in the city center is very easy and hassle free.

The Haymarket shopping center is located below the Haymarket bus station in the triangle formed by the Haymarket Road, Charles Street and High Street. With over 50 shops, department stores only Boots and Woolworths are located inside. However, a large number of small emerging markets and shops can be found here including TK Max and Claire's Accessories.

Literally across the Haymarket road is the last Shires shopping center.

The main shopping street of the city of Leicester is located in High Street, Gallowgate and Humberstone Gate. Belvoir Street and Market Street is where you will find cafes and relaxing bars alongside jewelers and confectioners. If your taste in shopping is a bit special, then look for the tracks. You will find cafes mixed with tattoo parlors and shops that cater to a clientele that replacement is normally found in the High Street.

It has a capacity of about 300 food stalls for buyers who need food, clothing and equipment, furniture and just about anything you might need. It is open Monday to Saturday 7:00 to 6:00 p.m. ET is on the market place over Horsefair Street. Built in 1973 next to the outdoor market, Leicester also has a covered market. This market has two floors, the ground floor is the dining food and upstairs there is a variety of stalls selling mainly clothes. The internal market is open Monday to Saturday, 8:00 to 17: 00. There is another large market in the Beaumont Leys shopping center northwest of the city. It is open from Wednesday to Saturday 8: 00-18: 00 and Sundays between March and November operates as a car boot sale on the market 8: 00-14: 00. There is also regular farmers markets throughout the city and, in November, there is the annual German market hosted in Humberstone Gate, east along the clock tower, with German traders sell their wares.

Leicester has four shopping malls catering to specialty stores and shops; it is the money arcades, real, Malcolm and Odeon. The four arcades are located between Cank Street and Silver Street.

Leicester has a large Asian population and Belgrave Road, north of the city, has many specialty shops catering to the Asian community.

In the center of Leicester many people could say that the city is not well served for shops, given its size. However, just outside the city close to junction 21 of the M1 shopping center is Fosse Park. Opened in 1998, it is one of the largest countries outside of town retail parks "and open oceans of parking space. There is also a regular bus service from the center- city, easily making it accessible and popular with Leicester shoppers. Here you will find expansive stores with high popular street brands like BHS and M & S, mixed with large electrical and electronic retailers and many other favorites High Street. A Fosse Park shops decide their own schedules, but in general, most are open weekdays and Saturdays 9: 00-19: 00, if not later Sunday, the shops are open mostly use to 11:00. 17:00 opening.

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