Smartphones Can Replace Regular Cameras Point-N-Shoot?

Many of our smartphones today have advanced features including HD cameras that can take good photos as any point-and-shoot ordinary. The Nokia 808 PureView and Apple iPhone 5, for example, are good to take detailed pictures. Galaxy series of Samsung also have good characteristics of the camera.

It is therefore not surprising that more and more people now prefer to use their phone instead of point-and-shoot cameras when capturing special memories. 

Smartphones vs common cameras point-and-shoot

The best way to find an answer - or answers - this question is to compare what each has to offer.

    Clearly, smartphones are easier to carry. But again, some of the most popular Point-and-shoots today are very helpful too. In fact, they are also known as compact cameras because of their small size. For some people, however, the elegant look and feel of their phones big score. Although there are smartphones that can be quite large, too, many still prefer them on the point-and-shoot. So this is obviously a point for smartphones.

Smartphone camera 1. Point-and-shoot: 0

    In terms of comfort and functionality, smartphones are so far away. In addition to taking pictures, you can use your phone for calls, sending SMS and even games. Some professionals even use their smartphones for email.

Smartphone camera 2. Point-and-shoot: 0

A photograph of the area where the point-and-shoot obviously high score is lighting. Even the most advanced smartphones can not compare the quality of images taken by the low-point and shoots light. With small smartphone sensors, you need to be physically close to your subject to take good photos of resolution. Point-and-shoot cameras joint may not be as advanced as the SLR, but there are a number of models that have special characteristics. They have built-in flash settings, autofocus and exposure.

Smartphone camera 2. Point-and-shoot: 1

Smartphones have features that can instantly share your photos on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites. While some dot-and-shoots now have the so-called "social tools", they are still in infancy. Moreover, most of them slow Wi-Fi connections. Some are not friendly compared to smartphones.
Smartphone camera 3. Point-and-shoot: 1

The score is 3-1. It is a great victory for the smartphone. If photography is your main source of livelihood, then perhaps the smartphone camera should not be a second option for you.

If there is one thing the so-called smartphone and point-and-shoot rivalry is the fact that more people are now interested in photography.

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